What is Landing Zone?

Landing Zone is a unique combat laser tag facility in Lancaster, PA. Our laser gaming experience encourages strategic thinking, cooperative play and physical fitness. The immersive battle arena and state-of-the-art technology simulates a realistic, one-of-a-kind first person shooter experience. Stop by the Arsenal Grill and enjoy a wonderful selection of food items and drinks! Landing Zone caters  to both the casual and serious gamer — ages 8 and up!

Landing Zone Mission Statement

Landing Zone is committed to creating a safe, clean entertainment facility geared specifically for the needs of our customers. Our business brings together family, entertainment, and quality food under one roof, serviced by an operating team that understands the importance of the guest service experience. We are passionate in our pursuit to produce consistently superior services, products, and experiences. In doing so, we look for innovative ways to fulfill our guests’ needs, without sacrificing our dedication to value. We are energized by our imagination and charged with the task of elevating the quality of entertainment for our guests. We recognize the value of philanthropy. We strive to be good corporate citizens who will continually support the community, and work towards improving the quality of life for its members. We are committed to providing a workplace whereby our employees can provide exceptional service, achieve their professional goals and be rewarded for exemplifying the company mission and vision.

Our Vision

Landing Zone will become the premier Lancaster family entertainment destination by providing a world-class entertainment experience for family members of all ages through a consistent delivery of superior guest services, an enticing, fun, interactive atmosphere, and quality food offerings.

Our Mission

We make lives better:

  • One smile at a time, through the most exceptional family entertainment experience in Lancaster.
  • One meal at a time, through delicious, quality food, selected, prepared and served to the delight of our guest.
  • One day at a time, through safe, innovative, exciting and fun community program and events.
  • One community at a time, through a commitment of respect for individuals and families, and the neighborhoods we all share.

Our Core values

Attitudes and beliefs that uniquely pattern our corporate culture:

  • We are in business to make lives better – those of our neighbors, our guest, and our employees, and none at the expense of another;
  • Safety is a primary concern in every facet of the delivery of our services and products;
  • Quality of service is our second most important concern; if we cannot do it with excellence, then it will not be part of our business;
  • We shall be active in seeking out and supporting community events and providing resources in support of local groups, teams, associations, and organizations with the aim of synergistically improving our community and our business.
  • It is important that all employees understand the business, regardless of their role within it. Each employee should understand how the role that they perform contributes to making lives better each day.