Battle Box

The Battle Box gaming accessory is a 'must-have' The Battle Box is placed in each clan's base.


The Cobra is one of our lightest models, so it is perfect for the younger players, and for indoor game play. It is also great for portable attraction, as this new model comes with a 40mm lens (the same as the Scorpion) for extended range.

Style | Sub Machine Gun

Commando Sniper

The Commando Sniper gaming gun is a great combination between compact design and huge fire power. The Commando Sniper with a 3-9x40 telescopic rifle scope is aimed at the older gamer who demands long range and precision. And it certainly packs a punch!

Style | Sniper Rifle

Master Controller

The Master Controller is your portable control device. Any SATR unit can be configured to act as a Controller. And all units operate peer to peer. The Controller is designed to boost your through-put.

Morita Sniper

The Morita-Sniper gaming guns is a Designated Marksman (DM) class of weapon. It is a generic weapon of its class, but not unlike a 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle in that it has a 50mm glass lens (165mm focal length). This lens makes it possible to get its extra long range.

Style | Sniper Rifle


The P90 gaming gun has proven to be a favorite amongst gamers and battlefield operators alike. Favored by enthusiasts and hard-core gamers the P90 gaming gun is inspired by the original FN P90 personal defense weapon.

Style | Personal Defense Weapon (PDW)


The Scorpion is our most popular & one of our most versatile models.This gun model is in the Special Compact (SC) class of weapon. It is great for either indoor or outdoors and, in particular, Close Quarter Battles (CQB).

Style | Special Compact


The Spitfire Machine Pistol gaming gun is one of our more authentic models. Inspired by the Uzi machine pistol, it is compact, it is great for outdoor real live combat gaming. It is great for re-enactments.

Style | Machine Pistol